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Reconditioned Stoves for Sale Note: Items may vary availability

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  • Glass Top Stainless Stove

    stainless steel range

    The 30-in. electric range features an easy-to-use cooktop and 4.9 cu. ft. oven to help you prepare hot, delicious meals.

    • Stainlesssteel
    • Glasstop
  • Coils Stove


    Enjoy ultimate cooking flexibility with Coils Burner Cooktop. Cook foods to perfection with a stovetop coils. Make multiple dishes at

    • Coils
  • Refrigerator and Stove Set


    Stainless Steel Refrigerator and a Black Glass Top Stove? Not a good match? Sure it looks amazing.

    • Stainlesssteel
    • Glasstop
  • Stainless Steel Set


    When you need elegance without sacrifying performance, this is a very good option! Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator and

    • Stainlesssteel
    • Glasstop
  • White Glasstop 5 Burners


    White glasstop with 5 burners! 

    • Glasstop

ges-sale"> Stoves

Today's ranges, ovens and cooktops are innovative, multitasking appliances able to cook more dishes at once, saving time and energy. The right stove adds a good measure of convenience to your kitchen, and improves any recipe, making mealtime more enjoyable.

Ranges are appliances that combine an oven and a cooktop into a single piece. Ranges can be freestanding, slide in or drop-in.

  • Freestanding ranges have finished sides and either a rear or front control console. These units can go between cabinets or stand alone.
  • Slide-in ranges have a seamless look with controls on the front. If the slide-in range replaces a freestanding unit it will come with a backsplash or filler strip for a more streamlined appearance. Slide-in ranges come with your choice of finished or unfinished range cabinetry. Finished cabinets may be used in any application, while non-finished models require cabinetry on both sides for proper installation.
  • Drop-in ranges look similar to slide-ins, with controls on the front, but may require cabinet modification for a tight fit. You can tell the difference by the strip of cabinetry under their ovens.

Wall ovens offer the same characteristics as ranges without the floor footprint because it is installed in the cabinets. Because these ovens are installed at work level, they reduce back strain from bending and lifting.

Cooktops are installed in the countertop and use either gas or electric heat, just like ranges and ovens. The number and configuration of the burners range from 4-8, with optional special burners for simmering and boiling, to suit your personal cooking preferences. Induction cooktops are available and heat 25-50% faster than traditional electric, offering responsiveness close to gas without the flame.

Capacity refers to the oven’s inner cooking space and is measured in cubic feet. The size of your oven depends on how much cooking and entertaining you like to do, as well as the number of items you bake or roast simultaneously. The ovens on all ranges come with multiple oven racks to accommodate more than one dish at once.

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